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Bluesboy Nicky

Bluesboy Nicky is a solo acoustic blues singer and guitarist that plays music in the style of the old delta blues greats of the 1920s and 1930s.  Bluesboy Nicky can get the audience bopping their heads with a classic blues shuffle, dazzle them with his bottle-neck slide wizadry, and touch their hearts with a soulful blues ballad.  

Toronto native Nick Lanaro took up the guitar at a young age and then traded it

in for a bass guitar in high school.  Nick developed a passion for all styles of music and played in successful rock, jazz and R&B bands.

In 2012 Nick discovered Robert Johnson and immersed himself in this style of music and soon became inspired by the music of the Delta Blues greats such as Charley Patton, Son House, Skip James, and Bukka White among many others.   Having noticed the lack of representation for this style of music, Nick set out to be an ambassador of this great music and began performing wherever he could (including free sets at an infamous and now-defunct Kensington Market cafe).

in 2014, Nick began a regular residency at the Leslieville Farmers Market in Toronto, where he continues to play (just about) every other Sunday when the Market is open between May and October.  It was the volunteers at the Market

who dubbed Nick "Bluesboy Nicky" during his first season.  Having never had a stage name before, Nick felt that it was about time he had one.  

Nick continues to perform regularly in Leslieville and is also a regular at the Sourauren Farmers Market in Toronto.  Nick also plays at the local blues bar,

pub, community event, wherever acoustic, old-time blues is appreciated.


©2017 Bluesboy Nicky. 

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